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Discover for yourself the extraordinary and unique play- and story-based Key to Learning @Home program for the exceptional development of learning abilities, for use in your home or homeschool, with our free Sample Pack.

Key to Learning® has been rated the best* early years

program in the world – you won’t want to miss

this opportunity for your child!

*See the testimonials from independent education professionals here

What to expect from the sample pack

12 sample sessions, one from each of the 12 Key to Learning modules, so that you can see what the sessions look and feel like, and get an idea of the variety of activities across the modules.

The full details for every sample session, showing the aims, resources, procedure and learning outcomes, so that you can see how easy we make it for you to play with your child and have them get the benefits from every session – you will know exactly what to do, how to do it, what to use, what to expect and why you’re doing it.  

An overview of how the program works, so that you can see, in conjunction with the sample sessions, exactly how you would use the Key to Learning @Home program to:

» Supercharge your 3- to 6-year-old’s learning abilities to an exceptional level, without them even knowing that learning is going on.

» Ramp up the fun with your child and watch them delight in playing with you in such a meaningful way.


You won’t find anything else on the internet or elsewhere (for free or otherwise) that achieves the same results for your child as the full Key to Learning @Home program will.

Unless your child attends a Key to Learning specialist school, your child’s school, or any other homeschool curriculum you use, will NOT teach the full range of learning abilities to your child.

If your child gets to the age of 6-7 without Key to Learning, the window of opportunity has passed – these brain connections are critical up to the age of 6.

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