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two people brought together by their passion for revolutionising preschool education


two people brought together by their passion for revolutionising preschool education


two people brought together by their passion for revolutionising preschool education


 It's a long, long story that started 92 years ago. For now, let's just say that this program originates from the breakthrough discoveries about teaching, learning and development of Russian thinker Lev Vygotsky and the discoveries of a team of prominent developmental psychologists in Moscow, when they were tasked with finding the secret to 'giftedness'. Galina, with her years of classroom experience, Professor Nikolai Veraksa and their team of experts converted those foundations into a complete developmental program method and curriculum for 3-6 year-old children. The program is called Key to Learning because that's exactly what it is.

Nowadays, Galina has her hands full bringing the Key to Learning program, and her other tools, knowledge and experience to education professionals and school systems around the world, spending any spare time with her many grandchildren, ensuring she is fully present in their lives and committed to their life education. A huge number of children that have had the gift of being under Galina’s guidance, including all of her own grandchildren and step-grandchildren, have been formally recognised as gifted and highly talented. They are also happy, 'sunny' children with excellent social and emotional development - further renowned characteristics of children under the influence of Vygotsky's approach through Key to Learning.

The Key to Learning method and curriculum is a replicable approach - you can get everything you need to give your own child the same opportunity.

Katie also has a history of unconventional teaching around the world, particularly in the area of thinking skills, problem-solving tools and accelerated learning techniques, and has a young daughter. After working with Galina and her program many years ago, and knowing that the program was only available to schools, Katie begged her for a copy of Key to Learning to use at home with her own daughter. But she wasn't the only one asking...

In response to popular demand, Galina and Katie released Key to Learning @Home - the official version of the program for parents.

Together they have made it possible for parents who realise that traditional teaching and learning is rarely the best way to bring out children's true potential, to have the tools, methods and ideas necessary to fully develop their child's learning abilities, way beyond what other activities/curricula achieve. Parents are given a way for their child to learn how to learn, not just learn knowledge and skills, through the most enchanting play- and story-based activities. In many cases, those parents' intuition told them what was wrong with pre-school education, and/or where it wasn't enough, but until they discovered Key to Learning at Home, they didn’t have a fun, proven, systematic and easy-to-use alternative. 


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